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New Article Published !

The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences and perceptions of parents in forensic mental health services with regard to their cooperation with healthcare professionals and their role as parent carers. 15 participants were interviewed using qualitative, in-depth interviews and transcripts were analysed thematically. The identified themes were ‘Medical dominance, ‘Interactions with healthcare …

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Oral Defence Session!

Its a pleasure to invite you to Anne Louises PhD Oral Defence Session “Prevention of metabolic syndrome in forensic mental health patients”

New Textbook on Mental Health Nursing out now!

Participating in EU COST CA19133

FOSTREN is an Action designed to establish a sustainable, multidisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners focused on reducing the degree to which mental health services use coercion in hospital and community mental health services. Many people receiving mental health care are subjected to coercive practices such as outpatient commitment in the community and physical restraint in …

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Article Accepted!

Villadsen, DB., Sørensen, MT., Gildberg, FA. 2020. Do healthcare professionals face oral suffering? Klinisk Sygepleje. Status: Accepted

Article Accepted!

Christensen, LF., Hansen, JP., Nielsen, CT., Gildberg, FA. 2020. A qualitative study of patients’ and providers’ experiences with the use of videoconferences by older adults with depression. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. Status: Accepted  

CPS afholder Seminar!

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Nissen, RD., Gildberg, FA., Hvidt, NC. 2019. Approaching the Religious Patient in Forensic Psychiatry, with special focus on ethnic minority patients. Mental Health, Religion & Culture. Article, Peer reviewed. Status: Accepted!

Accepted for publication!

Frandsen, TF., Gildberg, F., Tingleff, E.B., 2019 Searching for qualitative health research required several databases and alternative search strategies: a study of coverage in bibliographic databases. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Article, Peer reviewed. Status: Accpeted!

New Article accepted!

Nielsen, L.D., Beck, P., Hounsgaard, L., Gildberg, F.A. 2019.Construct validity of the Mechanical Restraint – Confounders, Risk, Alliance Score (MR-CRAS): a new risk assessment instrument. Nordic Journal Of Psychiatry. Article, Peer reviewed. Status: Accpeted!