Ellen B. Tingleff

PhD, MScN, RN. Associate professor at Forensic Mental Health Research Unit Middelfart (RFM), Department of Regional Health Research, Faculty of Health Science, University of Southern Denmark & Psychiatric dept. Middelfart, Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Research areas: Restrictive practices, conflict situations, involvement of patients and relatives, staff transition, qualitative research, symbolic interactionism, thematic and content analysis, qualitative evidence synthesis.

Ellen has published in both national and international journals, book chapters, posters on subjects such as experiences with restrictive practices in forensic mental health, involvement of relatives in both forensic and general mental health, nursing staff’s transition to both forensic and general mental health and introductory and mentoring programs for newly trained nursing staff in mental health settings. Additionally, Ellen has published methodological papers about literature searches and qualitative methods of analysis. Ellen has extensive experience with teaching and supervision of bachelor students at the nursing education, and is now involved with the education of postgraduate students at both master and ph.d level.  

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