FOSTREN-EViPRG Training School

Advanced Studies of Coercion Measures, Violence and Interventions for Successfully Reducing Coercion in European Mental Health Services

The FOSTREN-EViPRG training school 2021 !|Name:overview

The Training School is specifically tailored for PhD and post-graduate students and early-career scientists working in Mental Health and related areas. The Training School will focus on understanding why restrictive measures are used, why violence occurs and how services can be changed to successfully avoid them. The program will combine ECTS accredited lectures from experts in the field with interactive sessions to encourage exchange of views and facilitate networking among participants. Participants will be required to present a poster describing their own studies, interests or work, related to the topic of the Training School.

The Training School will take place in Middelfart, Denmark the 20th-24th of September 2021 or online (if Covid does not allow for it).

Until we can direct you to the official Fostren webpage MORE information will follow on this page. Stay Tuned!
Updated: 11.01.21