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This page displays the members of JCPR Psychiatric dept. Middelfart. In order for you to get involved or simply to get in contact with club members please use the contact form. You can also read about the purpose of this journal club by clicking here! (Updated 29.09.16)



Ellen 1Ellen Boldrup Tingleff.  Ph.d studerende, cand. cur, sygeplejerske.
Psykiatrisk afdeling Middelfart, Psykiatrien i Region Syddanmark.
Lektor, UCL-Sygeplejerskeuddannelsen i Vejle

University College Lillbaelt- Department of Nursing, Vejle
I am currently doing a research project about newly hired mental health nurses and nursing assistants; experiences of the transition and experiences and outcome of the introduction. The project aims to implement transition programs based on knowledge from literature review and focus group interviews. Supervisor: Frederik A. Gildberg, Post.doc.,PhD, MScN, RN.   I am planning a Ph.D. study about coercion in the area of forensic mental health nursing. The aim is to gain knowledge about circumstances and experiences related prior to, during and afterwards coercion, in order to reduce coercion. Supervisor: Lise Hounsgaard Associate Professor, Ph.D., MScN and Frederik A. Gildberg, Post.doc.,PhD, MScN, RN.



billed-150x150Frederik Alkier Gildberg , Professor (Associate) & Head of Research,
Lecturer in Forensic Mental Health, PhD, MScN, RN. CPS, Institute of Regional Health Research, Faculty of Health Science, University of Southern Denmark. Lecturer & Head of Research, Dept. of Psychiatry Middelfart, Region of Southern Denmark.

Hi, I’m doing research in the area of forensic mental health and currently I’m working on reducing the use of  and the duration of mechanical restraint among forensic psychiatric inpatients. This is done from a qualitative perspective in order to develop interventions and hypothesis for larger multicentre cluster randomised studies in Denmark.     



Kristian 001 Kristian Alexander Jul Paaske MScN, RN University College Lillebælt – Department of Nursing, Odense.

I am interested in psychiatric patients’ rights, empowerment, critical theory and critical pedagogy. I am planning to do a Ph.D study on psychiatric patients’ possibilities for participating in mental health decision-making.  The study is designed as an action research study and the design is a co-operative inquiry design. Supervisor: Lise Hounsgaard, Associate Professor, Ph.D., MScN and Frederik A. Gildberg, Post.doc., PhD, MScN, RN




Lea Deichmann Nielsen, Ph.d-student, MScN ,RN, Institute of Clinical Research, OPEN, Faculty of Health Science, University of Southern Denmark
Currently I am doing a PhD with the aim of developing and validating the measurement properties of a new short-term risk assessment instrument for use by staff during mechanical restraint of forensic psychiatric inpatients. The instrument is intended to support clinical decision making with the aim of reducing the duration of mechanical restraint. The design consists of three phases. Phase one serves to thoroughly conceptualize the instrument. Phase two serves to pre-evaluate the instrument through face and content validation and pilot testing. Phase three serves to further evaluate measurement properties of the instrument through field study testing. Read more..


 LiseLise Hounsgaard, Professor, PhD. Institute of Clinical Research, OPEN, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark

My field of research in nursing science is concerned with improving knowledge about characteristics of mental health nursing and the daily life of patients with mental and/or chronic illness and their relatives in relation to treatment, everyday life, and rehabilitation.




SDU Billede

Søren Birkeland‎, Assistant Professor, PhD. Institute of Psychology, University of Southern Denmark

My field of research is public health law, health psychology, and psychiatry law and is concerned with patients’ preferences and variations in preferences concerning information delivery and decision making as well as health care provider’s duties in this regard. Focus is on traditional clinical situations of health care delivery and situations where the shared decision-making principle is more or less substituted (coercive measures in psychiatry).




Vivian Limbrecht Rasmussen, RN, MCN, Dept. of Psychiatry Aabenraa, Region of Southern Denmark
I work as development coordinator at the Psychiatric Hospital in Aabenraa. To qualify for enrollment in a PhD programme, I study MSc in Nursing (research mode) at University College Cork, Ireland. According to research my focus is on Dialectical behavior Therapy (DBT). Research shows that DBT is a promising intervention because it appears to reduce dominating symptoms such as self harm, suicidal attempts and lack of emotional regulation for patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. However, little qualitative research has been conducted to explore the reasons for the success of DBT and how patients experience DBT.


Janni Petersen, MScN, RN, University College Nordjylland – department of nursing, Aalborg.

I am planning to do a PhD study about psychosocial rehabilitation among Danish veterans with PTSD. Internationally veterans with PTSD both experiences physical, psychological and social challenges in their everyday life. Similar challenges indicate to exist nationally, why it is interesting to investigate. The study will be based on veterans who have completed a course of treatment at one of the highly specialized treatment centers in Denmark.



Gitte_munksgaardIIGitte Munksgaard, pre-PhD, Cand.scient.san, RN

I am currently working on my PhD project: “Violence and threats against forensic mental health staff– Forensic healthcare workers perception of violence and threats against staff and subsequent impact on mental health care and environment”





Marie Toftdahl Sørensen, MScN, RN, University College South Denmark, Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing Education, Esbjerg.
At the Department of Nursing Education in Esbjerg, I teach primarily first and second year students. The teaching includes psychiatric nursing. Spiritual care in psychiatric nursing has been of particular interest to me, and I hope to study spiritual care much more.


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