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Gildberg, FA., Bradley, SK., Tingleff, EB., Hounsgaard, L. 2015. Empirically Testing Thematic Analysis (ETTA): Methodological Implications in Textual Analysis Coding System. Vol. 5 No.2. pp. 193-207. Nordic Nursing Research. – Research: Article, peer reviewed. Status: Published.


Text analysis is not a question of a right or wrong way to go about it, but a question of different traditions. These tend to not only give answers to how to conduct an analysis, but also to provide the answer as to why it is conducted in the way that it is. The problem however may be that the link between tradition and tool is unclear. The main objective of this article is therefore to present Empirical Testing Thematic Analysis, a step by step approach to thematic text analysis; discussing strengths and weaknesses, so that others might assess its potential as an approach that they might utilize/develop for themselves. The advantage of utilizing the presented analytic
approach is argued to be the integral empirical testing, which should assure systematic development, interpretation and analysis of the source textual material.