PhD Thesis: 2012, Reconstructing Normality — Interactional Characteristics of Forensic Mental Health Nursing.

The number of forensic mental health patients in Denmark is increasing at a rate of 11% per year and forensic psychiatric patients occupy 20% of all psychiatric beds. For this group of inpatients everyday care is a part of the current psychiatric treatment offered on the forensic mental health wards. From a historical point of view mental health nursing in Denmark seems to rest on experience and the use of personal characteristics rather than research. A review of existing research literature shows that only a few of the findings represented a clear account of the interactional characteristics and their use. The aim of the study therefore was to examine everyday care as it is carried out on the forensic mental health ward. The objective was to describe and analyse the care provided by mental health staff as they interact with forensic mental health inpatients. A further objective was to examine the staff’s experiences of everyday care, and what meaning the interactions held for them. More..

* Gildberg, F.A. 2012. Reconstructing Normality. Interactional Characteristics of Forensic Mental Health Nursing. Odense, Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Klinisk Institut, Enheden for Sygeplejeforskning, Syddansk Universitet. ISSN: 2244-9302 Status published
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